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3D coprinted scaffold for tissue enginering

Schermata 2022-04-27 alle 14.21.59.png

PCT patent pending application


Functionalized with lyosecretome (a freeze-dried formulation of MSC secretome, containing proteins and extracellular vesicles) 


Time-controlled release of lyosecretome by changing scaffold porosity and design

Made with biocompatible thermoplastic and natural hydrogel(s)

Easy to produce in sterilize conditions

ScaffoldLyo is the solution for. . .

…improving in vitro cell differentiation and in vivo colonization when scaffold is implanted

The lyosecretome is laden into the hydrogel(s) to achieve controlled release of lyosecretome up to 10 days


It is possible to control the release kinetics of proteins and EVs by changing the composition of the hydrogel, the scaffold’s shape, and hydrogel crosslinking

The lyosecretome greatly improves osteoinductive and osteocontuctive potency of the scaffold

Prototypes for medical devices are available for bone regenerative medicine applications


Biomedicine (submitted, under review)

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